Since this is mainly a papercrafting blog and since I haven’t been doing a lot of papercrafting lately, I should put something here.

And what a something she is. This is who has been consuming my attention.

Addilynn Ann

She just arrived on Monday. But I’ve been dreaming about her for years and years. And between home, work, and church and daydreaming about Addi, not a lot of papercrafting has been going on. I hope my scrapbooking will get a jumpstart with this wonderful new subject matter.

She is beautiful.

She is perfect.

She came into the world in an extraordinary way where we were privileged to witness miracles and the exponential infinity of God’s love for us. We’ve been given a witness of the power of prayer and what a blessing to know that people who don’t even know us were praying for us. How many temples held Shannon and Daren’s names on the temple roll? How many friends of friends put them on their prayer chain? How many knees were bent on their behalf? I can’t fathom it. I just know it worked. It worked. It was worth every prayer.

She has the two most devoted parents on the planet IMHO. She has the most remarkable birthmom who I pray for nothing less than God’s blessings every day for the rest of her life.

This is my new season in life as Addi’s grandma. God is faithful and true and knows me. I am so thankful that he let me see my beautiful daughter become a mom.

I am blessed beyond measure.


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  1. I love all of your other posts, but that is the most beautiful creation I’ve seen on this blog!

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